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Immigrant Investor Program


Immigration to the United States is becoming more and more attractive among Chinese people for many reasons: the good environment, the abundance of investment opportunities, the availability of high-quality education, the relaxed and healthy lifestyle, and so on. However, immigrating to the United States is a complicated and time-consuming process. Intended immigrants need to provide a long list of documents and fill out numerous applications, all filled out correctly and all within certain time frames. For most people, it is a challenging task.


At Providential Real Estate, we can provide you with personalized advice and assist you with your application. We will walk you through the whole immigration process and turn it into a joyful journey for you and your family with our extensive connections and resources.


While there are many ways to immigrate to the United States, the Immigrant Investor Program (EB-5) is a very popular way. Following is a brief introduction to help you understand the process.


The purpose of the EB-5 program is to stimulate the US economy, primarily through job creation. It does this by offering Permanent Residency in the United States to immigrant investors. Intended immigrants can invest in one of three ways in order to qualify for the program. First, they can invest at least $1 million USD in a new enterprise which employs at least 10 full-time US employees. Second, they can invest a minimum of $500,000 USD in a “targeted employment area”. And third, immigrants may invest $500,000 USD in a qualified and approved “Regional Center” which creates at least 10 direct or indirect jobs within two years.


After the investment succeeds, the investors complete the application forms required by US government and the government approves the application. The investors, their spouses and unmarried children under 21 can now get temporary green cards (a temporary green card offers all of the same rights as a formal green card). After holding a temporary green card for 21 months and meeting certain other requirements during that time, immigrant investors can apply for formal permanent residency. After living another five years in the United States, immigrants can apply for US Citizenship if they desire.